I am writing to you

I love to work with new people, seriously?
like me
10.01.2015 15:54:5819 repeat20 strong

What interesting air spaces we expect, no one thought that they would become so beautiful smart.

It is difficult to imagine that in front of a world of fairy tales and development. Many interesting ideas appear before you. Your clever convolutions begin to reach always the best and does not have a stop in the career development of the brain.

Are you beginning to work such people, followed by more good men and you will reach the whole, it is clear that religion is not an example for you. It is clear that the charity school feeding children is not a new lesson to you. And it is clear that the boss and the villain is defeated in the war in front of you.

2 secret
10.11.2015 16:07:5320 repeat16 strong

The secret world of big. We'll give you all the criminals here.

Kill the new teachings from you, and eat his brains for dinner. From those units 1 system. We take this and eat. What are leaving the prison do not believe ever. I can even the air you have come to kill you thought. And these gyrus eat for lunch.

We do a great career in the world. And all will be silent in front of us, even sensitive people. We even killed them good. See how many corpses them here on the Internet. And after all I've been killed, and I will kill 10,000 people in the war. We were able to kill it after the 1000 deaths of scientists here do. None of us will never stop. But I could not come to gov2.

10.28.2015 02:22:298 repeat14 strong

How so interesting to think about what's to destroy everything.

I shut down the computer for a long time for 1 week. I could not come back. I killed all his entire work. I do not know who could help me. I would like to stay here a long time.

I began to form good relationships with family, things were going to work better. I began to praise the respect for what I've lost all the friends and did not return back. I could clean the house. Something to build. Live this, he told me. And then you come back here after 1 year. Remove me all there.

brain banned
11.04.2015 08:44:596 repeat7 strong

It is necessary to go through all this time, survive him.

It's nice to clean up at the energy in the brain. Understanding this simple stay in place, to stay with smart people together. They are not so little here in the battle. I came one time, the charity has done and gone.

I do a strong man. What's even better than I have 1 computer anywhere. I have the lab and city management position. It allows me to do a better job than here. In general, I'll take it badly and quickly. Show that you are the king, to show their strength.