Forest life

Every day for a walk in the woods
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I love you my dear guests, love and kisses

Together, we can make decisions that can reduce the percentage of war in the world. Not really no way that all of the reaction of your brain was not on the professional work.

There are said to successful projects, popular in the world. There are solutions more rare in the world and even classified. Obey the ideal man, because the value becomes larger yours. It will save you from death at any level type. There are those passages icy brain. It becomes warmer in the future.

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My dear friends, I am glad to see you again

Together, we gathered to give honor to respect the people who died in notwar system. They died in battle fighting for the bright future of us all.

We went into the woods. We were lying on the ground in the forest. We went to a new city. We clean your brain in a new city. Even went to the new store. Someone went to train in the woods alone and almost as long a time?

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Hello my dear friends, nice to see you again

This year we have completed the event only mild difficulties ahead of us that work that requires a return of 100% of the brain.

The work 100% of the brain is very important to you. No you should not stop to talk. Electric secret to take your words from the computer. Or from the forest. Remove from criminal brain relatives you can manage to do. To help, talk to a war to remove an important person, to convince him that the people in the war is not worth killing.

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There are weapons that were in the body of the scientist

There are weapons on the model of the scientist, the bulk of his death, it is very strong it difficult to remove, it is necessary to reach and win in the woods, on the go.

All serious, more weapons it is necessary to remove from the body, it is best to do it. It is said to model a scientist, he no weapons of death and damage started when he was set up on the internet for the first time. You champion the force of arms, in comparison with the old scholar's no Internet.